Dear Prayer Partners,

As we step back and look at how the Lord has provided over the past year, we see
God’s Hand over every small step we took. It has been a full year since we both quit our
jobs and took the step of faith to start deputation full time. Our last few meetings of the year have been closer to our home base, allowing us to spend the holidays with family.

In November, we traveled to MD, NJ, and PA. At one of the churches we were able to
visit, Josh had the opportunity to teach the adult Sunday School while Katye taught the
children. She taught the kids a song in Spanish and then they had the opportunity to
sing that song in the morning service.

In December we had the opportunity to travel to Maine where we attended a preacher’s
conference before heading down to New Hampshire. It was a blessing to be able to
hear from God’s Word and be encouraged in keeping on with the burden God has given
us. We were able to meet new people and see friends from college while we were there.
After the meeting was over, we traveled down to one of our supporting churches where
Josh was able to preach chapel in the Christian academy. It is always a blessing to be
able to meet so many new people and make new friends as we travel. As our travels
slowed down, we had the opportunity to spend time at our sending church, helping with outreach in our community through door knocking and Christmas caroling. It’s a
blessing to serve alongside our church family.


  • We have two new supporting churches!
  • We were able to spend time with all of Josh’s family for the holidays.


  • That our schedule for 2023 would fill up
  • Safety as we travel

Josh and Katye

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