September/October 2022

Dear Prayer Partners,

We have been in eight different states over the past two months. God has truly blessed as we traveled, providing for every need along the way. In September, we traveled south where we attended conferences and Sunday meetings in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama before heading back to Pennsylvania for a mission conference. At the end of the month, we moved out of our apartment and into Josh’s parent’s basement. We are thankful that they opened their home for us as a home base when we are not on the road.

 October started in PA before heading North to Connecticut and New Hampshire for a mission conference. We traveled from there down to Arkansas to spend a week with Katye’s family helping while her family dealt with health issues. We then traveled to Tennessee for a meeting before traveling back to Pennsylvania. In the past few months, we have heard of three new churches that have decided to support us – bringing our support level to over 25 percent.


– Three new supporting churches

– God provided new tires for our car

– We were able to spend time with friends and family


– New meetings and continued safety as we travel

Josh & Katye

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