September/October 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, We have been in eight different states over the past two months. God has truly blessed as we traveled, providing for every need along the way. In September, we traveled south where we attended conferences and Sunday meetings in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama before heading back to Pennsylvania for a missionContinue reading “September/October 2022”

July/August 2022

Dear Prayer Partners,   While we were slower during the summer months, we were blessed to have the opportunity to travel for a few meetings in New Hampshire and North Carolina. As the summer came to a close we started seeing our schedule pick up, and God opened the door for us to attend a preachersContinue reading “July/August 2022”

May/June 2022

Dear prayer partners, At the end of April into the beginning of May we had the opportunity to fly down to Mexico for what was originally planned to be 10 days but our plans are not always God’s plans.  While we were in Mexico we had the opportunity to help with many different things. WeContinue reading “May/June 2022”

March/April 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, Our schedule has been full these past two months. While most of our meetings have been in Pennsylvania, we have had one in Maryland and one in North Carolina. God has truly blessed us while traveling; we have been able to meet new people and make new friends. During March, we haveContinue reading “March/April 2022”

January/February 2022

A pastor friend of ours calls deputation “pre-field ministry” and that is the perfect way to describe it. While our hearts long to be where the Lord has called us, we have a mission right where we are. Right after Christmas, we traveled to Arkansas to visit Katye’s family. While we were there, we wereContinue reading “January/February 2022”

August/September 2021

“Lord, send me anywhere, only go with me; Lay any burden on me only sustain me. Sever any tie, save the tie that binds me to thy heart. Lord Jesus, my king, I consecrate my life, Lord to Thee.                            – David Livingstone. In recent years, this poem by David Livingstone has been put to musicContinue reading “August/September 2021”

June/July 2021

The past few months have been exciting! During the month of June, we had the opportunity to travel to Massachusetts to present our ministry. Not only was this the farthest meeting we’ve had so far, but also the first one out of the state of Pennsylvania. God continues to bless as we travel, providing safety.Continue reading “June/July 2021”

First Few Months

Hello fellow laborers, we are super excited to be coming up on our first meeting this weekend. Our first few months of deputation have been filled with mountain tops and valleys.  Being in such early stages, we are still working at our jobs. Josh works early in the morning, then comes home to make phoneContinue reading “First Few Months”

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