March/April 2023

Dear Prayer Partners,

As we got into the month of March and mission conference season, we found ourselves busy traveling. We started the month in NC before traveling up to PA and staying closer to our home base through Easter at our sending church.

In the middle of March, we were able to attend a mission conference in PA, where we were able to see some other missionaries that we already knew and some friends from college, along with meeting several new people. We love getting the opportunity to work with children and teach them about missions and how God leads in our lives. The following weeks we stayed more locally and were able to visit a few churches before spending Easter with our sending church. Towards the end of April, we then traveled up to CT where we were able to present our ministry at the church where Josh’s family attended before they moved to PA. While in CT, Josh had the opportunity to preach chapel at New England Baptist College as well as 3 different churches in one week. Praise the Lord!  

Something that has been a huge blessing for us is that while we are traveling, we’ve been able to base out of different relative’s homes while we are in different areas. Not only has this helped when we have several meetings in an area, but it also gives us a chance to spend time with family.


-Our summer schedule is filling up.
-Some church equipment was donated to our ministry.


-Safety while traveling.
-Our schedule to fill up for 2023.

Josh & Katye

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